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Translation has always opened doors for us, helping us to communicate and, in doing so, to establish new personal and professional relationships; to progress in businesses, to experience other cultures, to achieve challenges, to entertain ourselves, to solve problems... Translation is important and that is why its quality is essential.

We are at your disposal to offer you what you need: high-quality translations at a fair price.

Simple translation

Websites, advertising material, fashion catalogues, information and any other type of document or text with general or specialised content. 

Sworn translation

Official certificates (such as birth, marriage or criminal record certificates), academic documents (diplomas, transcripts of records, etc.), inheritance documents, court orders and sentences, memoranda and articles of association and contracts (employment, sale, commercial, etc.).


We correct and improve both original texts and trasnlations.


We can assist you in any interaction with the Public Administration that may require this service (for example declarations in marriage or domestic partnership procedures, notarial acts, etc.) and in your personal business.

Who are we and what do we offer

My name is Ángeles Garrido. I am a Sworn Translator of English and a translator of English and French with a Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada and a Master's Degree in Community Law. I have a long professional career in translation and I specialise in legal, administrative, commercial and academic translations.

Since 2001, I have worked both for private clients and for companies and organisations of various kinds, ranging from law firms such as Luis Portero Abogados and Irwin Mitchell and fashion retailers such as C&A, to the industrial sector with companies such as Fain Ascensores, foundations and NGOs such as the Nelson Mandela Foundation and institutions such as the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Together with a group of co-workers, all professional translators with extensive experience, I am at your disposal to help you with anything related to translation that you or your company may need. You can trust the quality of our services, the validity of our sworn translations and our strict compliance with our obligations regarding the processing of your data.

How to proceed

  • Send us a scanned* copy of the document(s) to be translated to info@traduccionesmalaga.esindicating the target language, deadline and any other relevant details.
  • We will reply as soon as possible with a no-obligation quotation and a completion deadline.
  • If you agree with the conditions we offer you, we will need you to reply with a written instruction to proceed with the translation and also provide us with your invoicing details.
  • We will get down to work and advise you when the translation has been completed. We will inform you of the payment and delivery options so you can choose the one you prefer.

* If it is not possible for you to scan the documents, don’t not worry; you can alternatively provide us with a hard copy of them (we recommend you provide photocopies instead of originals), by appointment.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation (also known as certified translation) is an official translation that only a sworn translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairscan do.

Unlike ordinary translations, sworn translations must include a certification attesting to the accuracy and veracity of the translation, as well as the seal and signature of the sworn translator; also, the presence and content of all the text and elements contained in the original document (such as seals, signatures, emblems or handwritten notes) must be recorded.


The folowing are average rates. Actual prices may vary according to the volume, urgency and other particularities of the project. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us for a firm quotation and deadline.

The main languages we work with are: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. 

* Las tarifas se muestran antes de impuestos. 

Simple translationRate
Direct€ 0.08/source word
Reverse€ 0.09/source word
Sworn translationRate
Direct€ 0.12/source word
Reverse€ 0.14/source word
 € 0.04/word
Minimum volumeRate
Direct€ 30/document
Reverse€ 40/document